If you are looking to visit a place for good vegetarian food and drinks, Vedge Restaurant is your best bet.  Situated in the busy streets of Andheri, this place knows how to set your mood. Good music, great ambience and of course, mouthwatering vegetarian food, what more do you need?

The restaurant creates amazing world class multi vegetarian cuisine. With a combination of Global Cuisine and Indian classics, Vedge aims to fill the gap of a young, trendy vegetarian diner that has the best of all worlds with respect to cuisine and experience, giving them variety in not only taste but also a look and feel not typical to the regular vegetarian restaurant.

Vedge Restaurant is dedicated to maintain customers’ environmental, spiritual and physical well-being through a commitment to excellent vegetarian cuisine served in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.

Vegde has already redefined the way patrons look at Vegetarian food in Mumbai and is well on his way to expanding the same as a multi-restaurant and express format shortly.

Vedge Restaurant is owned and operated by the Mr. Aditya Sawant, Founder and Director of Bombay Hospitality Management Pvt. Ltd.

Aditya Sawant who began his career in hotel designing and project management came up with Vedge – a Multi cuisine restaurant in 2015. Aditya is responsible for the management of the restaurant.

The hotel has won several awards in the past for its unmatched Casual Dining service and recently in the year 2017, Vedge won The Times of India – Times Food Awards 2017’ in the category of Best Vegetarian in Casual Dining, Suburbs; all credit to Aditya and the way of life he consolidated in his group to work towards brilliance

The News Club is glad to have an elite conversation with Mr Aditya Sawant, Founder & Director – Vedge Restaurant,

  1. What was the inspiration for Vedge Restaurant?

The inspiration behind Vedge was to be “Different and Innovative” and to match the global food trends with respect to global vegetarian food. I wanted to break the myth associated with Vegetarian food being “Tedious and Monotonous”. We are taking significant steps towards transforming Vegetarian food with VEDGE, taking it ahead as I call it, ‘Globally Inspired Cuisines’. We are serving to all age-groups and palettes. Besides, being Vegetarian we also have plenty of alternative choices for our distinct dietary patrons and vegan lovers. A lot can be explored with Vegetarian food and we are turning every page to extract the maximum and will do so in the coming years as we can’t miss perceiving that there will always be a massive market for Vegetarian food not just in India but globally. Hence, VEDGE was born in the year 2014 as an “only vegetarian” restaurant concept.

My key inspiration was to transform the conception of a present-day multi-cuisine Vegetarian experience. Usually, people ponder traditional Italian & classic Mexican cuisines, when we say Multi-cuisine, but I wanted to introduce tend-setting Asian, present-time Indian and modern-day Western recipes, making it the Cuisine indisputably inspired from diverse flavours from around the world, as I like to call it “skeptic” type of cuisine.

Besides, I wanted to make this possible within an everyday Smart-Casual category, as we comprehend the philosophy of a family-friendly dining experience. Not to mention, maintaining a demanding price point has in turn served as a motivation to me. An average meal at VEDGE would cost about INR 500 or less, which works well for a consumer-centric and price-conscious market like Mumbai. So yes, all of this has been quite a catalyst in building VEDGE.

  1. What changes have you seen since 2014 when you opened Vedge Restaurant?

Today, the vegetarian consumer is well traveled and exposed to multicultural inspired cuisine and are therefore not afraid to try out different cuisines. Global awareness about health has made the consumer a health conscious person. The number of vegetarian eateries are increasing since vegetarian food is easily acceptable and is something that can be consumed 365 days in a year.

  1. How many “Vedge Restaurant” restaurants are there in India?

Currently, Vedge has one outlet in India. Our flagship outlet is located in Andheri (West), Mumbai, India.

  1. What is Vedge Restaurant’s cooking philosophy?

Vedge’s concept has always been “Globally Inspired Cuisine”, or as I call it “Skeptic” Cuisine. Food, here plays an important element in the whole story. With Vedge, we do not intent to stick to any particular type of cuisine. Where we feel there is market for a specific cuisine or an adventurous dish, we try to integrate it within the menu after in-depth research with our in-house culinary team, which changes every season to bring freshness to the genesis idea and menu. Vedge is focused on “Comfort Food & Experiential Cuisine”.

  1. Why do you only cater to vegans?

We cater to everybody, although we do have certain dishes that specifically cater to vegan lovers. In our understanding, vegan for us is where a consumer avoids consuming cheese & dairy products.

  1. What are some of Vedge Restaurant’s signature dishes, and what are your favourites?

Some of Vedge Restaurant’s signature dishes are Fully Loaded Nachos, Crispy Cottage Cheese Tossed in Black Asian Sesame Sauce, Vedge Khowsuey & Chocolate Mud-Pile. My personal favourites are Pani Puri Shots, Wok Tossed Potato in Homey Chilli Sauce and Stir Fry Vegetables in Kung Pao Sauce with Double Pan Fried Noodles.

  1. With whom do you partner to source organize food for Vedge Restaurant?

To source our everyday ingredients for VEDGE, I partner with numerous selected local suppliers/vendors who have extensive/expansive experience in the food & beverage industry for a long-time.

  1. Since Vedge has won a lot of awards and recognitions where do you place your restaurant in the next 10 years and what are the global prospects that you have envisioned?

In truth, I haven’t thought about the next 10 years at this moment. Me and my team are happy to take one step at a time. My focus with VEDGE is to maintain brand excellence and food uniformity, which will help me in return to expand the brand carefully in selected locations at given time.

  1. Who is your culinary team, and how does the creative process work?

The culinary team is the Kitchen Production Team. The creative process for recipe development and research starts from ME and then it moves towards my Food Control Team & Kitchen Production Team.

  1. What do you want your customers to experience when they dine at Vedge Restaurant?

I would want our customers to experience our new and innovative dishes with an open mind. The customer should be open-minded in trying out our new Cuisines and our innovative Beverage menu, which one may not have seen before. The customers should whole-heartedly accept the new cuisines.

  1. Do you incorporate any of Vedge Restaurant’s dishes in your home cooking?

Well, not really. Though we would love to incorporate so after reading this question!

  1. Can you share a favorite recipe from your cookbooks

My favorite recipe is  Chukandar Ki Galoutis

Ingredients: – Paneer Malai – 40 Grams, Potato – 56 Grams, Beet Root – 100 Grams, Mozzarella Cheese – 15 Grams, Mango Pulp – 10 ML, Balsamic Vinegar – 4 ML, Mayonnaise (Vegetarian) – 5 ML, Tomato Ketchup – 4 ML, Whipped Topping Cream – 4 ML, Lemon – 19 Grams, Oil – 10 ML, Salt – 3 Grams (Or as per taste)

Method: –

  • Boil beetroot and grate it. Also boil potatoes & mash it well.
  • Take a bowl, add grated beetroot, mashed potatoes, grated paneer, corn flour, Indian spices and mix the batter well.
  • Make the galoutis, stuff cheese and chopped bell pepper inside thegalouti and pan fry them.
  • Garnish the galoutis with raw mango mayonnaise, sour cream, mango pulp and balsamic reduction.

Duration: – 15 – 20 mins.