Fall, the season of new fashion trends is here, and so is Delhi’s biggest fashion and lifestyle exhibition, Khwaish! Organized by The RAV Fashions, this exhibition which will be held at the Grand Hotel, New Delhi, is a new step forward towards offering an unprecedented platform for designers to bring forth their novel ideas and present them to retailers as well as individual buyers.

With over 35,000 invites being sent out, this exhibition, slated to be held on 20th of August, aims at kick-starting a global trend of opening up the world of innumerable business networking opportunities by bringing together the creators of fashion and lifestyle trends as well as the appreciators of their art on a single podium. It is the free-flowinginteraction between these two that is expected to bring about a wave of transformation in the currently repetitious industry. What will make this exhibition stand out is the fact that it will witness the best of Delhi’s cognoscenti and not just walk-in visitors!

It is for this reason that Khwaish will prove to be worth the while for all the designers. In fact, the fashion and lifestyle couturiers who wish for their names to become global brands will benefit the most from this exhibit.

In addition, this exhibition will help the designers enjoy media coverage like never before. Right from the leading newspapers of the city, to the most popular radio channels, from various social media handles to the biggest fashion magazines, and even online portals, The RAV Fashions is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the work of its designers receives an impeccable level of acknowledgment and appreciation.

At Khwaish, the visitors can expect to find ethnic wear, Indo-westernattires, statement jewellery, real jewellery, exquisite home furnishing, beauty and make-up products, all under one roof.