It was a celebration today at the Mahabodhi hospital in Ladakh today as Ratna Nidhi’s disability camp was inaugurated by Kiran Bedi, Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry and Ramdas Athavale, Minister of State for Social Justice

The disability camp started at 9 30 am, and 511 appliances including callipers, Jaipur foot, hearing aids and crutches are distributed in the camp today.

Children, women, men, soldiers, landline victims and the elderly; all were present in massive numbers at the hospital; with hope and eagerness that their life would indeed change.

Kiran Bedi, the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry was very moved. “ This is social transformation at the grassroots level and I am very happy to see Ratna Nidhi’s massive work in this area.”

She was happy to see a bomb attack victim get a Jaipur foot. Tsering Dorgay of Leh, a carpenter, now 67 years old was playing as a child when he was hit by a bomb on his leg below the right foot.  He had got a Jaipur foot done back then; but now after 27years of wear and tear, he was happy to get a new Jaipur foot fitted today.What made him happier was that the Ratna Nidhi Jaipur foot was even lighter.

Hon Minister Ramdas Athawale took keen interest in Mohammed Ismail, a child of four years, who was born with a deformity in both his legs. He wasn’t able to walk and came to Ratna Nidhi’s camp to get callipers for supporting both his feet. The Hon Minister said, “This child will get a future because of Ratna Nidhi’s disability camp and thats what is important.”

The venerable spiritual leader of Ladakh, Bhiku Sanghasena facilitated the camp. The eye-camp was organised in parallel at the hospital by the Indo Tibetan Border Police. Also present was Udit Raj, MP,  North-west Delhi constituency.

Rajiv Mehta and Asha Mehta, Trustees Ratna Nidhi said, “ We are very happy that we could make a difference to both Leh and Kargil during this camp. We will surely come back for more.”

Landmine victim gets Jaipur Foot

70 year old Sonam Phuntsok of Leh district, a farmer, had stepped on a landmine, during the Kargil war in 1999, due to which his right leg was injured severely leading to gangrene. His leg was amputated, and he lost all hope of living a normal life. Today, finally, he was able to get a Jaipur foot free of charge from Ratna Nidhi.

10 year old child with no arms gets a new lease of life

Young Zahar Hussan, of Nubra village in Leh district, became one of the first recipients of the Ratna Nidhi Jaipur arm here.

Aged, 10- in 2016, Zahar touched a live wire while playing in his school. He was rushed to the hospital- but suffered bilateral amputation below the elbow.

He has been having immense difficulties- to perform activities like eating food, wearing clothes and just about everything else.

Today, on 25th June, he has got a new pair of hands- thanks to Ratna Nidhi and is a picture of delight. “I want to write again”, is his first thought after getting his arm.

25 year old with one hand runs a mobile repair shop, gets another hand.

Jigmet Phuntsog hails from Alchi in Leh. Born with one hand, he’s a young 25 year old who runs a mobile repair shop.

After his birth, his parents took him to doctors, but most treatment options were too expensive. After his 10th, his family made hima member of the locally supportive Pagir disability society who gave him a sponsorship to learn painting in delhi- he couldnt complete the course – as his father  died- and so he had to come back. In 2015, his friends taught him how to repair mobile phones – and so, he took a loan and put up a shop to repair mobile phones.

In June 2017, the Mahabodhi school warden told him about the disability camp-  and his dreams were about to come true. He is getting his second hand for free- and can study further!

Kargil Youngster comes to Ratna Nidhi’s Ladakh camp to get Jaipur foot fitted

Fayaz Ahmed, a resident of Kargil suffered deformity of his legs at the age of 14- due to a sudden infection. He was 16 at the time.

He went to local doctors who tried inserting a rod to straighten his leg. Unfortunately, he got gangarene which aggravated the pain in his leg. In due course, his legs were amputated and the irony was that he was in so much pain, that he was happy to have his legs go.

With a meagre family income, there was little that he could do after this; except resign to his fate. That was till he heard of a free camp organised by Mumbai based Ratna Nidhi Trust, with help from the Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC) Ladakh, led by Bhikku Sanghasena and the Indian Army.

This was music to his ears, as just before the onset of Id, he could get a new pair of feet.

“I want to train to become a full time electrician, and stand on my own feet,” says Fayaz, after gleefully standing up on his Jaipur foot.

Making the youth of our country, who may have fallen prey to ill fate- and giving them a new lease of life; is something Ratna Nidhi does, every single day.